The Royal Vegas Casino Welcome Bonus Bounty

The Royal Vegas Casino Welcome Bonus Bounty

Finding a great online casino is essential to making money as an online player. You want a place that is trustworthy, with high ratings and a lot of variety in terms of gaming. Another essential element of choosing a casino is the appealing new player casino welcome bonus that top of the range online casinos offer.

The new player casino welcome bonus is one way that online casinos entice players to sign up with them. It generally works like this: a new player signs up, then is required to play a certain amount of games to cash out the bonus. This is the online version of a casino comp, to make up for players not being able to take advantage of the house limo or premiere hotel suite.

Those sort of comps are what casinos give to players to keep them spending at the tables. There’s really no limit to how many comps a casino can give in person, or how much they can comp. That’s solely the house’s decision. Even though a player can only receive one bonus per site when playing online, it is a nice pay out especially considering a player never has to leave the house.

The way the bonus is determined is by matching the deposits that a new player puts into his or her account. The online casino matches those deposits with a certain percentage. Royal Vegas Online Casino offers an excellent payout with the new player casino welcome bonus they give when a player opens a Royal Vegas casino account.

After opening a Royal Vegas casino account, the online casino offers these players up to $1200 in welcome bonus money. This bonus is delivered in three deposits, and takes the following format:

-If a new player deposits $250 in his or her account, then Royal Vegas matches that deposit by 100%.That equates to $250 extra dollars, simply for signing up and depositing money!

-If a new player makes a second deposit of up to $800, that deposit will be matched by 25%, earning the new player up to a cool $200.

-If a new player makes a deposit of up to $1500, that deposit will be matched by an amazing 50%! That earns the player up to $750 sweet dollars to enjoy.

All of these bonuses are paid into a player’s account within an hour of making the deposit. Royal Vegas commands an excellent reputation for timely payouts and treating their players with respect.

In order to qualify for the second and third bonus, a player must make respective account deposits with seven days of the first purchase on the site.

Players must not make a withdrawal until after receiving that first bonus deposit. Avoiding an early withdrawal shouldn’t be hard to do, as all the money adds up pretty quickly. The casino must make sure they are dealing with a player who is in it for the long haul, but they only impose this delay for a limited time.

The casino uses Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2) for all transactions, as it only makes sense to pick one time zone when dealing with players from all over the globe. Therefore, players should know how to deal with the time differences and make adjustments for that when planning on having certain amounts of money in their accounts, or even when planning to play certain games.

Most of these payments range in the thousands of dollars so it is more than worth it to sign up

No bonuses can be switched between players. The welcome bonus is for new players only, and can’t be split between new players. Furthermore, there can be no difference between the name of the person making a deposit and the name on the account. They must be the same, or no bonus will be applied. Name differences may also cause an issue with the account in other ways. It is best to keep everything under one name, and to clarify the rules about this by reading the site in detail, and contacting customer service with questions.

Otherwise, the first deposit match will be null and void

The new player casino welcome bonus is definitely a great reason to open a Royal Vegas casino account. After enjoying this new player option, the site keeps seasoned members happy with quality games and a first-rate online casino that offers plenty of promotions. There’s nothing to lose with a netent online casinos Royal Vegas casino account.