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iban number checker

When sending money online, you should always use the digital format. Some banks will reject your transfer if you use the print format, with spaces between the characters. Canadian financial institutions have not adopted IBAN and use routing numbers issued by Payments Canada for domestic transfers, and SWIFT for international transfers. There is no formal governmental or private sector regulatory requirement in Canada for the major banks to use IBAN. In both cases, there may first be a translation from alphanumeric characters to numbers using conversion tables. Note that some national specifications define the weights order from right to left, but since the BBAN length in the IBAN is fixed, they can be used from left to right as well.

  • Along with that, it also shows other information covering country name, SWIFT/BIC, Bank number, Bank name, and Bank adders.
  • First, it validates the IBAN with checksum, structure, and country code.
  • Our bank validation provides instant results for over 1000 banks worldwide, including all central US, Canadian, UK and European banks.
  • Created to simplify sending or receiving money internationally, an IBAN number provides data to verify your account number, your bank’s country of origin, and other account information.
  • Your details are validated against the international database for structural and formatting checks to keep transaction errors to a minimum.

Download the N26 app today for a 100% mobile banking experience. Ever wondered what all those confusing banking acronyms actually mean? Neobanks, or challenger banks, allow their customers to have IBANs.

How an IBAN number works

The format of an IBAN varies between countries—although all variations are in line with the coding system. The BBAN portion of an IBAN usually includes your specific bank code and your bank branch reference. Here is a list of the best free online IBAN Checker websites.

This post covers 16 websites where you can check IBAN online. All these websites offer special tools to validate IBAN numbers. These tools validate the length, structure, characters, and checksum of the given IBAN. The results of those checks conclude whether a number is valid or not. Many of these tools also provide additional information on the IBAN. The additional information covers the country name, bank name, bank code, bank addresses, etc.

We know the challenges of working with international finance, so we built the industry’s best IBAN checker. With a few API calls, you can have all the information you need on any IBAN worldwide. The IBAN validation covers more than 100 countries that support the IBAN protocol to transfer money. The IBAN validation process on this page goes through different stages. Before conducting any transactions, please always check the IBAN with your recipient or bank.

The difference between IBAN, SWIFT, and BIC codes

An IBAN is not a replacement for a regular bank account number. Instead provides additional information including country, bank, etc. It facilitates the communication and processing of international transactions.

iban number checker

IBANs can only be used to send or receive funds, and they can’t be used for other transactions, such as cash withdrawals. IBAN numbers, or International Bank Account Numbers, are used for fast and secure payments both domestically and internationally. Unique to you and your account, this number offers a safeguarding system that checks account data before sending funds between international banks. Up to 34 letters and numbers, each set of characters in an IBAN provides information on your account to verify it during the transaction.


Because IBAN numbers include an individual account number, they are not publicly available. You’ll need to ask your recipient to provide their IBAN to you, or generate it using an online IBAN Calculator, and validate it using the handy IBAN checker tool above. There are some banks which will reject your transfer if you use the print format with spaces between characters. When conducting online payments, you should always use digital format. The next two numbers are check digits which are calculated using the MOD97 algorithm that provide the primary uprightness check for the IBAN standard. Review: Crypto Transactions Simplified – Bitcoinsensus Review: Crypto Transactions Simplified.

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A major difference between the two systems is that under SWIFT there is no requirement that BBANs used within a country be of a pre-defined length. Simply put, IBAN payments are a way of accepting more business, especially so in the EU region (and Germany in particular, where bank transfers are still the norm). They are particularly popular with European banks, but also currently under development in dozens of African countries.

The IBAN code stands for International Bank Account Number, a unique set of characters made up of up to 34 letters and numbers that helps banks process transfers around the world. Banks and other institutions use IBANs to identify individual accounts. They combine your local bank details into one string of characters, making it easy to identify your account when sending or receiving money. The IBAN system has specialized algorithms that are uniquely accurate, and the system was designed to help spot errors by verifying the IBAN against the account holder’s information. Your details are validated against the international database for structural and formatting checks to keep transaction errors to a minimum.

iban number checker

If you think you’ve used the wrong IBAN to send money , you should get in contact with your bank right away. If it’s too late to cancel, you might have to contact the recipient yourself and request the they return your money. It’s important you enter these details correctly, or your transfer could be rejected — even if the IBAN is valid. Every IBAN has two check numbers following the country code.

This contains the country, bank code, branch code, and account number. IBANs are designed to simplify international bank transfers. It’s essentially your bank account’s “address”, which is used to send or receive payments across borders. Integrate the Bank Data API and search, verify and generate Swift codes for your domestic or international business transactions. This feature allows you to perform efficient custom checks against an up-to-the-second SWIFT code database in multiple countries.

iban number checker

You’ve heard of SEPA payments, but what does it stand for, and how does it actually work? A neobank’s onboarding process is designed to be as frictionless as possible. Fraudsters often open accounts with them, as it’s easier to do remotely with stolen ID documents.

You can drop a collection of up to 4,000 IBAN numbers and validate those all at once. Apart from copy-pasting, you can also upload a txt file containing IBAN numbers with a size limit of up to 100 KB. When you run the check, generates two tables with valid and invalid IBAN numbers. From there, you can download all the valid IBAN numbers as a txt file.

The home page of this website has two tools, IBAN Validator and IBAN Calculator. With the IBAN Validator tool, you can iban number checker easily check if an IBAN number is valid or not. In the results, it uses the green color for valid IBAN numbers.

The European Union made the scheme mandatory through the Payment Services Directive published in 2007. Since January 2008, all countries were required to support SEPA credit transfer, and SEPA direct debit was required to be supported since November 2009. The regulation on SEPA payments increased the charge cap (same price for domestic payments as for cross-border payments) to €50,000. offers a free online tool to validate Saudi Arabia’s IBAN numbers. It is a simple tool that checks one number at a time and only tells if the number is valid IBAN or not. To do that, you can either type the number as per the IBAN structure.